+100 followers. reason I’m thankful

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This is a short note to thank everyone who choose to read this blog. Honestly I didn’t think anyone would. After I wrote my first post. I meant for it to disappear into the abyss. I was surprised to read that I got a “like”.

But, I’ve learned from reading the words of encouragement from other bloggers, that I have to start speaking more confidently about writing. What’s funny is there’s a familiar pattern of me needing a push.

The Genesis of this whole blog began with a slight shove.

I was at a Starbucks with good company. Two friends, Kira & Miki. I had an Iced Chai Latte and they both drank a tall complicated thing.

Kira brought her laptop and we sat there watching a show on Netflix called Terrace House. Which is a Japanese version of the Real World. Where they have a nice house, nice car. And invite twenty-something-year old strangers to move in. You just sit back and watch the entertainment unfold.

I had mixed emotions watching it. Literally, the show is both entertaining and boring at the same time. I can’t say it’s a must-watch or a waste of time. It gently tip toes on a funny borderline.

You can marvel at the fact at how much the show differs from the craziness of the Real World. And at the same time be awed by the maturity of the Terrace House’s inhabitants.

“Are they forty year olds in twenty year old bodies?”

although sometimes they can be immature and appear to be like eight year olds in twenty year old bodies. Which can be said about myself as I read this out-loud.

Overall, I like the show. It’s in Japanese with English subtitles so it helps boost my language skills.

Still in at that moment Kira & Miki didn’t think I liked it as much.

Kira saw that I was looking at my phone and typing more looking at the show.

“I could change it to something else if you don’t like it”. Kira offered.

Sounding kind of bothered I was on my phone instead of enjoying the show with them.

I was enjoying time with them. But I guess it didn’t look that way. It looked like I was in my own world. Relaxed in my seat ignoring the two and Terrace House.

“No, I like this show I just had an idea. that’s all” I told her.

“Are you playing a game?” she asked

“No, just writing something down. I don’t want to forget it later”.

“Writing what?”

I explained to them both that I like to type out my thoughts as a way to make sense of life. Events that are stuck in the drain and won’t leave until I rinse it out the back of my mind. Mostly things I haven’t told anyone. Including the emotions I felt at the time.

Personal things that would kill you with boredom.

“Oh, do you blog?” Miki asked.


“Why not?” she asked surprise

“If you like to write than you should” *the nudge*

I didn’t want to talk about it. I shrugged my shoulders. Sat back in my seat and tried to change the subject so she would stop digging. My writing is personal. I tried to get more into the show with Kira & Miki.

“Let’s just watch this”

Still it was too late. She had planted a seed. it sprouted and grew like a weed.
I asked myself that question over the course of a year on why I didn’t blog.

And so here we are now. finally.

I started my blog Sushi Love a month ago. And neither Kira nor Miki knows about it. But, eventually I’ll fess up.

Maybe over a Iced Chai Latte at Starbucks.

And this is why I appreciate every person that choose to read my blog and comment.

I’m a lover and a prayer and I hope everyone prospers. But I did want to ask the question.

What made you want to blog?

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Hello, Welcome to Sushi Love. We are here to help anyone with questions about life in rural Japan. We have both the native and foreign perspective and touch on everything from Health and Leisure to Travel and Entertainment. Please feel free to ask what's on your mind.

60 thoughts on “+100 followers. reason I’m thankful”

    1. thank you for expresses your faith. I know that when sometimes I don’t feel like talking about it. I’ve read a blog online that encouraged me. reviewing books are also quite a task. you have an abundance of gifts.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. You commented on a comment I wrote on Sweet Aromas blog. I write primarily about faith on my blog and would like to follow yours if possible but can’t find the link. If you would like to know more about me, my faith, my life and even writing in general you are welcome to visit http://www.golden-rains.com I would like to help you and encourage if I can follow you blog.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow, I sincerely look at this as a blessing. For you to offer your help like that. I’ve started to spend a lot more of my free time on wordpress in General. I’ve always liked writing. I feel tranquil when I do so. I’d like to know how you knew if it was what God wanted for you.


    1. wow, South Africa is a place that I’d like to venture off to one day. I’m glad to hear that someone friendly and with a unique living place decided to start a blog. I will be on the look out for more of your work. ^_^


  1. No doubt you have much to share with the world community. Blogging provides a caring audience. I look at it as a way to communicate with people I’ll likely never meet but yet we share many things in common. I enjoy working with various languages and learning at least a few words. I enjoy talking about travel and finding something in each little place that maybe most people don’t know. I enjoy talking about travel safety and life safety so that each family may become a little safer. No matter the country – I believe we all want to live in freedom and peace. Blogging provides an opportunity to talk and fellowship without borders. You’ll do great with your blog. Congratulations.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Your right about a lot. Especially that blogging provides a caring audience. It’s like having a conversation with someone. I think it’s a good service you do by talking about travel safety. Yes there seems to be a constant that we all want to share our adventures to spread positivity so others may share the experience as we travel. I appreciate you taking your time to write this out. Thanks for the support. Your awesome.

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  2. I started blogging because i had to for a class in university, but after that, i sort of stopped. Then i was moving to japan. Instead of trying to to keep my 30 or so friends and large family in the loop individually, i decided id share my experience with them through my blog. Well, from there, about a year and a half in, i met a friend who writes on her blog, and i now had a writing itch to pass the time. I thought it’d be cool to see if anyone would actually read my writing. I am surprised every week i get a new follower and a like. I cant even begin to express how exciting it is to see how many people from different countries are checking it out! Its just become so fun!

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    1. interesting origin. starting as a class assignment. that’s relatable i had to do exactly that for a media class I was enrolled in. However, I stopped participating in those once class was over. You were driven by keeping the connection with your family & friends back home which is a very noble cause. I respect that. Fast forward to the present its amazing to hear much progress your blog and creative ability has grew since then. It is a great to have longer reach and to know what your writing can help someone in the world. pleasure to hear from you yukunerk! ^_^

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  3. I started writing for friends and family to follow our travels. Then I was amazed at the number of others out there who also seemed interested. And as time went by, my posts were read, and I read those of others, and I found “friends and family” has grown far beyond what I ever expected.

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    1. Hello ralietravels. thats interesting to have your motivations for a blog anchored by your love for friends and family. Since it was written from a good place. Others were drawn into the love they felt through your words. Words are so powerful when you look at it that way and see a blog connect you to your loved ones no matter how money miles separate you. I’m happy for you and it describe what I’m beginning to experience. I wish you good luck on your travels and your blog continues to grow.


  4. I had exactly the same thoughts when I started blogging and since I have “meet” so many lovely blogger friends and discovered so many innteresting blogs! It is a lovely way to share and you have a great blog going 🙂


    1. Yeah. It’s a very friendly community to be connected to. I’m just getting started but meeting like minded people who enjoy writing such as your self makes me glad that I joined. I’m appreciate your encouragement. I’m also a fan of your writing as well!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. thank u alexraphael. It feels good to connect with people even if youve never met in person. Based on your comments i can see you have good energy! glad u decided to share you inspirations and everything else!


  5. Good post. I started blogging because I can be very opinionated and Facebook not quite the medium for my extensive thoughts. Blogging allows me that freedom; hence, Musings and My Two Cents.

    I was a bit disillusioned though. I thought my blogging audience would be family, friends, but it’s mostly other bloggers.

    Enjoy the journey.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Barbara, Thanks for sharing you origin story. It’s interesting for me to read how bloggers got there start. I’m happy that life brought you here. ^-^

      I thought the same thing. It’s almost like a different family seeing who actually migrates toward your blog.

      thanks alot!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Looks like I finally made it across. It’s good to hear from someone who understand. Wherever there’s a pen with a piece of paper. Could even be a napkin. We just have to write ^-^ The internet is like Disney land getting to read and comment other blogs.

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